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New Field Officer on board

March 2019

The RBG committee is very pleased to announce that it has a new Executive Officer joining the ranks. The fulltime position has been split into two part time positions. The existing Executive Officer – Dick Pasfield will be joined by Nerylie (Blu) Gaff. Blu has had extensive experience in weeds, in particular neem control in the East Kimberley region and also has a lot of experience working with farmers on their own control programs around Kununurra. Blu will start her position in late April and will be heavily involved in engagement with the membership as well as some of the weed work around the region.

Two New Committee Members

December 2018

Two new pastoralists have recently joined the RBG committee, John Gedders from Roebuck and James Camp from Kalyeeda Station. This gives the committee a good geographical perspective east - west but it was acknowledged at the recent AGM it does lack input from the north Kimberley. Mike Shaw from Spring Creek was once again elected to the Chair’s position at the AGM. Mike has been now in the position for four years.

Wild Dog Signage

December 2018

Wild Dog Poison Bait SignsBy now some of you would have noticed warning signs alerting both visitors and locals that poison baits are present on pastoral stations. In all there are twenty signs erected by the RBG between the De Grey River and the Duncan Road turn off in the Northern Territory. Six of these signs are on Shire roads and fourteen are in designated 24 hour rest areas. Unfortunately Mainroads WA did not allow any signage on their roads however the numbers of caravans that pull up into rest areas during the dry season gives those signs very good exposure. In a count of caravans in July some of that larger rest stops had in excess of 50 vans in them, whilst the smaller ones still had ten or more.